Lena Adams: Delving into Herpetology’s Mysteries

In herpetology, I’m Lena Adams—an explorer driven by curiosity and an unconventional family history. My story intertwines with the wilderness of Africa and the enigmatic world of reptiles.

My father, an intrepid researcher of African wildlife, instilled in me an early fascination for the unknown. Growing up surrounded by tales of his expeditions, I found solace in the stories of the creatures he studied, particularly reptiles.

However, my family’s tale took a tragic turn. My mother, an adventurer in her own right, mysteriously vanished during an expedition. Her absence created a void in my life, leaving me yearning for her presence and aching for the closure that never came.

Driven by the thrill of exploration and the desire to understand the creatures my parents dedicated their lives to, I embarked on my journey. Through my website, I aim to unearth the wonders of reptiles, frogs, and lizards—a tribute to my father’s legacy and a quest to unravel the mysteries that eluded my mother.

In between sharing insights about these captivating creatures, I quietly champion their conservation, hoping to honour my parents’ passions and protect the species they cherished.

My life is a tapestry woven with adventure, tragedy, and an unyielding passion for understanding the secrets of herpetology. Through my explorations, I seek knowledge and a sense of connection—to the creatures, to the wilderness, and perhaps, in some small way, to the mother I never knew.