Best and Unique Pet Spider Names for Your Eight-Legged Friend

Another approach is to choose a name that is unique and stands out. You can draw inspiration from various sources such as mythology, literature, or even pop culture. For instance, you could name your spider after a famous arachnid character like “Anansi” or “Shelob.” Alternatively, you could go for a name that has a quirky and unconventional twist, like “Legsy” or “Webster.”

Top Spider Names to Choose for Your Pet

If you are a fan of arachnids and have decided to bring a pet spider into your home, you may be wondering what to name your eight-legged friend. Choosing the perfect name for your spider can be a fun and exciting process. Here are some top spider names to help you find the perfect fit for your new pet:

Name Description
Cute A cute and adorable name that highlights the lovable nature of your pet spider.
Creepy A name that embraces the creepy and spooky nature of spiders, perfect for Halloween-themed pets.
Black Widow A classic and iconic name for a black widow spider, known for its distinct black coloration.
Tarantula A popular name choice for large and hairy spiders, like the tarantula.
Unique A name that sets your pet spider apart from the rest, highlighting its uniqueness.
Spooky A name that adds a spooky and eerie vibe to your spider pet.

Choosing a name for your pet spider is a personal decision, and there are no right or wrong choices. Whether you prefer a cute and adorable name, a spooky and Halloween-themed name, or something unique that reflects your spider’s individuality, the most important thing is to choose a name that you love and that suits your pet’s personality. Happy naming!

Famous Character Inspired Pet Spider Names

1. Black Widow

One of the most well-known spider names, Black Widow, is perfect for that sleek and mysterious black spider. This name not only highlights the spider’s coloration but also gives it a sense of danger and intrigue.

2. Charlotte

3. Itsy Bitsy

A play on the classic nursery rhyme “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” this name adds a playful and whimsical element to your pet spider. It’s perfect for those who want a name that’s both cute and catchy.

4. Aragog

For fans of the Harry Potter series, the name Aragog is a fitting choice. Aragog is the giant spider that resides in the Forbidden Forest, and this name brings a touch of magic and fantasy to your pet spider.

5. Shelob

Another famous character-inspired name, Shelob, is derived from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” Shelob is a giant spider and a formidable adversary, making this name ideal for those who want a slightly spooky and powerful name for their pet spider.

These famous character-inspired pet spider names are a creative and trendy way to give your eight-legged companion a unique and memorable identity. Whether you prefer cute and adorable or spooky and intriguing, there’s a name on this list that’s perfect for your pet spider.

Trendy and Cute Spider Names for Your Eight-Legged Friend

1. Spidey

This name is a classic choice for any spider lover. It’s simple, easy to remember, and perfect for a cute and playful spider.

2. Spinner

Spinner is a trendy and unique name that captures the essence of a spider’s ability to create intricate webs.

3. Charlotte

Named after the beloved spider character from E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web,” this name is perfect for a friendly and wise spider.

4. Silk

This name is inspired by a spider’s ability to produce silk, and it’s a great choice for a spider that spins beautiful and intricate webs.

5. Eightball

If your spider has a round body and resembles a small black ball, this name could be a perfect fit. It’s cute, catchy, and easy to remember.

6. Legs

7. Arachne

Arachne is a name derived from Greek mythology, and it’s perfect for a spider with a mythical and mysterious aura.

8. Ghost

If you have a translucent or pale-colored spider, this name can be a great fit. It’s spooky and fitting for a spider that gives off an ethereal vibe.

9. Fuzzy

This name is ideal for a spider with a fuzzy or hairy appearance. It’s cute, playful, and adds a touch of charm to your arachnid friend.

Unique and Unusual Spider Names


One of the most famous spider species, the tarantula, deserves a unique name to match its reputation. Consider naming your pet tarantula something like “Venom” or “Fang” to embrace its spooky and exotic nature.

Black Widow

The black widow spider, with its distinctive black body and red hourglass mark, is feared by many. Give your black widow a unique name that showcases its mystery and danger, such as “Shadow” or “Vixen”.

If you prefer a name that captures the elegant and dark beauty of the black widow spider, consider choices like “Luna” or “Nocturna”. These names will add a touch of sophistication to your pet.


If you want a name that perfectly captures the spooky essence of your pet spider, go for something like “Gloom” or “Sinister”. These names will give your spider an aura of mystery and enchantment.

Unique and Trendy

If you want a name that is truly unique and trendy, consider borrowing from other cultures or fictional sources. Names like “Arachne” and “Drider” are popular among spider enthusiasts and add a touch of mythology to your pet’s identity.

Another trendy option is to name your spider after a famous character from books, movies, or games. Consider names like “Aragog” from Harry Potter or “Shelob” from The Lord of the Rings for a unique and recognizable spider name.

Funny Spider Names to Put a Smile on Your Face

Here are some funny spider names that are guaranteed to bring a grin to your face:

Name Description
Spidey A classic and playful name for your cute arachnid.
Creepster A funny name that perfectly describes your spider’s creepy nature.
Webster A punny name that highlights your spider’s expert web-spinning skills.
Hairy Potter A clever reference to the famous wizard, Harry Potter, with a twist of spider hairiness.
Charmin A humorous name that contrasts with the typical perception of spiders.
Itsy Bitsy A playful and cute name inspired by the popular nursery rhyme, perfect for a small spider.
Wiggles A funny name that captures the quirky movements of your spider friend.
Squiggly A name that reflects the unique patterns your spider creates when it moves.

These funny spider names are not only trendy but also offer a unique and lighthearted twist to the often creepy and mysterious world of spiders. Pick one that suits your pet’s personality and watch as it becomes the talk of the town!

Mythical and Magical Pet Spider Names

For spider owners who seek a touch of mystique and enchantment, choosing a mythical or magical name for their eight-legged friend can add an intriguing element to their pet’s persona. Whether you have a black widow or a cute tarantula, these names are sure to captivate both you and your spider:

1. Arachne

This name pays homage to the Greek mythology figure, Arachne, who was transformed into a spider by the goddess Athena. It’s a perfect choice for a mysterious and elegant spider.

2. Merlin

Inspired by the famed wizard from Arthurian legends, Merlin is a trendy and magical name for a spider who seems to possess hidden powers. This name is especially fitting for a spider with unique markings or a captivating presence.

3. Pandora

Pandora, from Greek mythology, was a woman who possessed a box containing all the evils of the world. Choose this name for a spider with a dark and secretive nature, as it adds an air of mystery to your pet.

4. Circe

Circe, an enchantress from Greek mythology, was known for her ability to transform her enemies into animals. This name is ideal for a spider with a captivating charm and a mesmerizing display of colors.

5. Merlin

Inspired by the famous wizard from Arthurian legends, Merlin is a trendy and magical name for a spider who seems to possess hidden powers. This name is especially fitting for a spider with unique markings or a captivating presence.

These mythical and magical names will not only give your spider a unique and enchanting identity but will also make you feel like you have a fascinating creature straight out of a fantasy story.

Spooky and Halloween-themed Pet Spider Names

1. Arachnid

This name is perfect for any spider and is a nod to their incredible eight-legged nature. It’s a strong and sophisticated choice that showcases your spider’s unique characteristics.

2. Tarantula

A classic spider name, Tarantula, is perfect for those who love the larger and more intimidating arachnids. It adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to your spider’s identity.

3. Spooky

This name is self-explanatory and embodies the essence of Halloween. It’s a playful and fun choice for those who want to embrace the spooky spirit.

4. Shadow

Shadow is a mysterious and dark name that perfectly suits a spider. It represents their stealthy nature and adds a sense of intrigue to your spider’s persona.

5. Salem

This name is a nod to the infamous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, and is ideal for those who want to give their spider a historical and spooky name.

6. Raven

Ravens are often associated with dark and spooky imagery, making this name a perfect fit for your pet spider. It’s both elegant and mysterious, adding a touch of sophistication.

7. Morticia

This name is inspired by the iconic character from “The Addams Family.” It’s a trendy and gothic choice that showcases your spider’s creepiness.

8. Venom

Venom is a powerful and edgy name that pays homage to your spider’s natural hunting and defense mechanism. It adds a thrilling and dangerous element to your spider’s identity.

These spooky and Halloween-themed spider names are sure to make your pet stand out from the crowd. Choose a name that reflects your spider’s unique personality and embrace the creepy and cool nature of these fascinating creatures.